Hemorrhoids Symptoms

The primary hemorrhoids symptoms are itchiness in and around the anus area, anal pain, and bloody stools or anal bleeding from bowel movements.  If you experience any of these symptoms then there is a very good chance that you have hemorrhoids.  It is always advisable to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment, but these symptoms are commonly associated with hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are typically classified into two main groups: external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.  This post will examine the symptoms of both types of hemorrhoids and what measures you can take to cure them.

External Hemorrhoids Symptoms

External hemorrhoids are easier to identify than internal hemorrhoids because they develop on the outside area of the anus.   They feel like lumps or bulges in the skin and usually have a bluish or purplish color tint, but can also be red.

External hemorrhoids can be quite discomforting.  As mentioned previously, those who have them can be stricken with a constant itch or pain.  They can occasionally bleed as well; however, bleeding hemorrhoids are usually associated with internal hemorrhoids.

The size of external hemorrhoids can range from very small, like the size of a small pea, or as large as a big grape.

Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms

When they are very small, internal hemorrhoids often go unnoticed as the symptoms may be minor.  However, larger internal hemorrhoids may be associated with pain in the anal canal, itchiness inside the rectum, and bleeding when passing stools.  The bleeding is usually painless, but is noticeable on the toilet paper or in the water.

Warning!  If you experience excessive bleeding or experience prolonged bleeding, it is important that you see a doctor immediately.  Your condition may be something other than hemorrhoids.

Minor bleeding is very common with hemorrhoids and you should not be frightened by the sight of blood on the toilet paper or in the water.   However, if the bleeding does not go away, you need to be aware that the issue may be something more serious.

How to cure Hemorrhoids

If you have any of the hemorrhoids symptoms mentioned above it is important that you take measures to prevent them from getting worse.  If hemorrhoids are left untreated it could lead to painful consequences – such as the need for hemorrhoid surgery.

Fortunately, there are some very effective and easy ways to cure hemorrhoids that don’t require surgical intervention.

The first thing that you can do is include more fiber and water to your diet.  Both will help make the passage of stools smoother and easier so you don’t further irritate the hemorrhoids.  To help with this, some people opt to take a fiber supplement.

If you’re looking for a home remedy that doesn’t require going to the store, the H-Miracle System is your best option.  In it you will learn natural home remedies and recipes that can eliminate your symptoms in 48 hours.

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If you’re looking for a physical product, then Hem-Relief or Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief Formula would be a good option.  Both are popular and offer natural solutions.  Hem-Relief comes in a pill form and Venapro is a homeopathic medicine that is sprayed under the tongue.


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